When Joseph told his brothers and parents about his dream, his brothers became jealous of him and hated him. It is not everything God reveals that needs to be shared ;prophecy, dream, vision and especially one’s purpose in life and assignment. Don’t share your plan/vision about a business with everyone.
Some people will discourage you or be jealous of you because they didn’t come up with the idea before you. They hate to see you prosper.

It is not everybody who is happy about your dream. Some people are dream killers. What God shows to you is not for the public. You need to ponder over it in your heart and pray for its manifestation. Before Mary gave birth, she kept everything in her heart.

The day Samson revealed the source of his strength and power, it was used against him and he became powerless . Know what to share, who to share with and how much needs to be shared . Be wise!

It is our prayer  for you that the Lord will help you to keep things in your heart and grant you wisdom to walk in His purpose, Amen.

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